Passive Mobile Credentials

Imagine walking up to a door and it just automatically unlocks for you.  You no longer have to get your phone out of your pocket to open a door or gate.  Our passive mobile technology allows a door or gate to be setup to automatically open when a user approaches within a specified distance from the door or gate.

No Bluetooth or NFC is required.  You don't have to wave your hand in front of a special reader.  In fact, no reader at all is required.  The request to open location is marked with GPS coordinates.  When a user enters that zone with their mobile device, the door or gate will automatically open.  Privileges can be instantly revoked or modified by an administrator.

Our Mobile Credential can also act as a traditional app where a button press is required to open a door or gate.  If geo-restriction is disabled from the administrator, the app can also act as a "Remote Open" to buzz in guests or deliveries

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