Wiegand Splitter
Wiegand Splitter
Wiegand Splitter
Wiegand Splitter

Wiegand Splitter

Part# MAC-024-WSP

Wiegand Splitter

A low-cost indoor Wiegand splitter to change a 2-channel Wiegand input to a 1 channel output, or change a 1 channel input to a 2-channel output. The converter supports 2-way transmission, transferring Wiegand 26bit/34bit data and other Wiegand bit data for customized orders, and transfer 1CH, 2CH, 3CH Wiegand to an optional RS485 communication.


  • Indoor only
  • Wiegand input: support Wiegand 26/32/34/35/36/37/40/42/44/66/80bit
  • Wiegand output: support Wiegand 26bit or 34bit, other bit for optional
  • RS485 communication standard: 9600, n, 8, 1
  • Transmit distance: max 100m
  • Support reading interval time:  >150ms
  • Operating voltage: DC 9V-24V (Wiegand output GND must connect with access control GND)
  • Consumption current, not more than 30mA
  • Operating temperature range: 41-104F
  • Relative humidity at 59F: 80% / 77F 90%
  • Plastic shell
  • Color: black
  • Size: 64mm x 65mm x 35mm (2.52 in x 2.56 in x 1.38 in)
  • Net Weight: about 30g (1.06 oz)

Tech Specs:

ASCII (decimal number) output modes:

WST-WG2WG-A26 WG26bit/WG34bit to WG26bit (8 digit decimal number)
WST-WG2WG-A34 WG26bit/WG34bit to WG34bit (10 digit decimal number)

Hex output modes:

WST-WG2WG-H26 WG26bit/WG34bit to WG26bit (3 byte hex number)
WST-WG2WG-H34 WG26bit/WG34bit to WG34bit (4 byte hex number)

Standard mode of this converter supports 2CH Wiegand reader input (WG1 and WG2), 1CH Wiegand reader output (WG3). Popular application for use in 4-door access control: some 4-door access controller have only 1CH Wiegand interface for each door. When it is necessary to install 2 Wiegand RFID card readers at each side of the door, you can use this Wiegand to Wiegand converter as a communication splitter to change 1CH Wiegand interface to 2CH Wiegand interface, so a 4-door access controller can connect 8 Wiegand RFID readers. Another typical application is to connect 1 Wiegand RFID card reader (1CH Wiegand output) with 2 access controllers, for example, 1 Wiegand RFID reader connect to an access controller Wiegand input interface and also connect to face identify machine Wiegand input interface.

Spec Sheet:

Wiegand Splitter