Fire Control Expansion Board
Fire Control Expansion Board
Fire Control Expansion Board

Relay Expansion Board with Fire Alarm Input

Part# MAC-005-FC

Fire alarm output and the expansion of joint board is one of the access controller add-on modules used to provide fire and alarm signal output. The module has a practical, simple interface with stable design performance characteristics. Its power and relay instructions can direct communication failures.


  • 4-alarm output, free to the host controller to the definition of a door and the door to a number of features
  • Can connect the output signal fire, the fire received the signal controller automatically opens doors and have fire alarm records available for consultation
  • Support for:
    • illegal intrusion
    • door not closed for a long time
    • coercion to enter
    • linkage to open the door
    • invalid card
    • fire alarm linkage output
  • Can be set for each output of the delay time 0-6000 seconds.
  • 1-way input and 4-way alarm output: You can specify which function to which door of the controlled area, connect the fire control output when fire signal is received. The doors in the controlled area will be open automatically, and five alarm will be recorded


Spec Sheet:

Fire Control Expansion Board