Malibu Access Control 4 Door Controller Board
Access Control Board (4 Door)
Malibu Access Control 4 Door Controller
Malibu Access Control 4 Door Controller with Expansion Relays

Access Control Board (4 Door)

4 Door Controller Board

Part# MAC-004-CB

Wiegand 26 Bit TCP IP Network Access Control Board Panel Controller For 4 Door 4 Reader


  • Dimension: approx. 6.3(W)x4.17(H)in / 16(W)x10.6(H)mm
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Power Supply Input: DC12V
  • Power Consumption of Circuit Board: Less than 100mA
  • Input Format of Reader: Wiegand 26 bit (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola, HID, EM, M1, etc)
  • Quantity of Readers: 4 units
  • Door Controlled: 4 door (Get in by swiping card, get out door by button)
  • Door Opening Time Extending: Setting: 1~600 seconds (adjustable)
  • Max Quantity of Controller: Unlimited (Remark: N denotes q'ty of computer serial port or q'ty of 485hub port, support 256pcs ports)
  • Quantity of Users: 20,000 users
  • Quantity of Event Buffers (offline): 100,000 event buffers
  • Max Distance from Reader to Controller: 100m/328ft (suggestion distance 80m/262ft)
  • Collocations: PCB board, case, power, power line, serial port communication line, software, manual, certificate, key(2pcs), carton
  • Alarm for Long Time Door Open, Unlawful Entry, Intimidate
  • Fire and alarm linkage: If no connection with the expansion board, only has software interface alarm, and drive the computer speaker. If connected with expansion board, is able to alarm by hardware, if connected with strengthened expansion board, then is able to Security alarm
  • Compulsive open and close door at long time: Yes
  • Open door in remote distance: Yes
  • Inter block: Yes
  • Anti pass back and tail: Yes
  • Multi card open door: Yes
  • Open long time at specified time: Yes
  • Urgency locking: Yes
  • First card unlocking: Yes
  • Unlock based on internal and external validation: Yes
  • Keypad (Card and password, supper password): Yes


  • 1 x Access Control Board

Spec Sheets:

4 door controller board